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The agency is highly respectable and has excellent business and professional clients and they truly has your best interest in mind. In the past I have been threatened to work and perform acts against my WILL, but the staff at NAUGHTY NEIGHBORZ  treat their employees with respect and every time I speak with the operator who is phenomenal she puts me on a pedestal and caters to my needs. She always ensure that I have quality calls and is very understanding of my schedule..

Honestly the most awesome company

XO XO Helena 

Naughty Neighborz is the most professional company and I've worked with a lot of agency's. They treat everyone with respect and watch over us. I've worked for them for about 3 years months now and I've got a regular client base, I work from home and usually off by 6. The best part is i feel like I'm part of a team! I'm very grateful for Naughty Neighborz they got me out of a bad situation.

Thank you

Barabara 1/22/14

I've worked for Naughty Neighborz for 13 months now and they are by far the best service I've ever worked for, Sometimes they give me free calls & when I do really well they give me bonus cash. I've received gifts as well for my work performance. I work for them but it doesn't seem like work at all, it's more like family and friends. Im always done work early because they give me a steady client base and I don't need to work all night.

From Melissa A.  12/31/2013

I really appreciate this company I am a full figured women, not only was I offered a job but I was celebrated for my curves. Listen ladies there is a market for us in this industry and I do very well and I get bonuses.



Working with Naughty Neighborz has been a really pleasant experience the staff is super professional & considerate of your well being. They are definitely one of the best Agencies. I make great money and enjoy working with them.

Melonia Philadelphia, PA


I am new to this company and they have literally changed my life for the better, I was going from place to place and they actually helped me to relocate because I was not in a good situation and I was picked up by one of the ladies and helped with my hotel and they literally changed my life over night. I was able to get my own apartment in a week.

Taylor 04/12/2017

My name is Skylar and I love love love this company, I have professional clientele, not any average joe and they have an awesome screening process and they do not use those creepy websites you know the ones that anybody can call you or law enforcement is constantly trying to set you up. Thank goodness for Naughty Neighborz.

Love Skylar 01/16/2017